Books About Mediums : Doris Stokes and Betty Shine These two frequently spoke to dead people who are not dead but continue living in paradise in another dimension. This leads to a whole list of amazing phenomena. ESP, EVP, OBE objects moving and materialising , miracle cures. What's it all about ?
I conclude the books are quite convincing, but they don't give any proof. So it's all very interesting maybe you don't have to be afraid of death, but I believe it doesn't make any difference all you can do is try to live life as a good person.

see the incredible books on Poltergheists by Matthew Manning
More Details :Doris Stokes :Voices In My Ear, Betty Shine - My Life As A Medium

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Strange Phenomena : A Comparison is interesting to see the similarities

Phenomena Doris Stokes :Voices In My Ear Betty Shine - My Life As A Medium
spirit playmates as child
Survival Confirmation Dead spirits passed messages to say they were OK same
Spirit drawing No Yes
Automatic Writing YES : received prediction of her future
Spirits Materialised Often saw spirits sometimes others could see them also Often saw spirits sometimes others could see them also
Objects Materialised once saw a rose materialise sometimes (when no one was watching) - a rose - a 5 note - a stone, claims calcium stones have materialised on stomach after healing
Spirit Odor very common, Ether in her surgery and perfume of the dead
Spoke to Dead Could tell people where dead people had hidden things. (cigarette box) got address of insurance office Could tell people where dead people had hidden things (insurance policy). Electrician received tips about prospective customers
Undead some spirits hang around cos they don't realise they are dead same
Training From one spirit From group of spirits, not named
Prediction e.g. people would get pregnant etc yes, very often
Premonition Sometimes she saw things before they happened. Spirits warned when bad things could happen.
ESP knows people family names etc often aquired wisdom about things without study e.g. how to play golf well.
Remote Viewing could see hospital patients bedside in USA
Remote Projection sometimes patients saw her in their rooms during remote healing (she thought she was asleep at home at the time)
Miracle Cure husbands cancer disappears many times on patients, doctors told her she should have died before 60
Brought sight to blind 10 times, cured breast cancer and got crippled to walk etc
Umbilical Chord connects spirit to body ..she sees yes
Poltegeist Effects bothered by spirit in new house (why didn't she take money indicated ?), table levitates, person on chair is slid across the room When no-one in bedroom. Heavy wardrobe door lifted off hinges and moved across room
spirit takes over In a trance spirit takes over while healing sometimes spirits take over
Transfiguration Face changed appearance to that of a Chinese man, a Norwegian man
saw a medium do it at church, did 4 different faces with glasses beards etc
dead embryos (miscarried children grew older in heaven !) Her miscarried daughter appeared as a 16 year old
Exorcism talking to the spirits usually worked Saw Entities on people and exorcised them with the Lord's Prayer (didn't always work)
EVP voices of the dead appeared on cassettes (but always disappeared when replayed)
Telephone from dead Received phone call from dead mum
Astral Travel through mediation and assisted by spirits. Travelled by mind.
Wind blowing inside houses YES
Light Blue light and fog indicates healing Often blue light and fog
visions Crystal Ball saw sons car problem Biscuit Tin - saw friend in secret old clothes !
Healing Energy Vortex saw these often
Remote Viewing Yes
Spirit Animals saw dogs and cats
Missing People located
Mind Dowsing yes
talks to animals YES - by suggesting a better place is able to persuade ants, flying ants and wild dogs (remotely in South Africa) to move. Talked to horses.
animals materialise people think it's a live cat
Invisibilty ! early on sometimes became invisible to patients
NDE Near death experiences whilst in hospital She had her own as did many of her patients
OBE Out of Body experiences once floats above her own body when had flu she left her body
Helped Police YES says difficult cos, no control who calls, so info arrives as jumbled clues YES similar
computer stuff facts appear on her computer screen
Energy Generation clocks went crazy once Xmas lights and TV came on when not plugged in. 5 Answer machines broke
Generates High Electrical fields when she does healing work cassette recorders are affected. Later titatium wires placed inside her body during surgery corroded due to strong electricity in her body ?
Reincarnation Tells bloke about his previous past lives, which he shared with the same wife (poss on other planets)
regressed patients into past lives

Doris Stokes :Voices In My Ear 1980,- interesting, but not 100% convincing

Readable prose, interesting, mother hates mediums, saw bad mediums, local tea leaf reader predicted future correctly,sometimes saw her dead father. Spirits said her child would die, he came to collect her at exact he predicted, regularly attended spiritualist church,

As a child she saw a dead man walking along side as people carried his own dead body.
Spirits often talked to her and sometimes materialised
Began to work as a medium when she was over 25 years old

Proof lots of testimonials from people who say she knew things about their dead relatives than was possible for a stranger.

Conclusions- Maybe there is a spirit world so maybe we shouldn't be afraid of death, but she doesn't prove this. Anyway I believe it doesn't make any difference all you can do is try to live life as a good person.

Contacts : Helen Duncan (medium : saw her materialise a spirit and a rose), Walter Brooks, Tom Winfield, Harry Edwards (Healer)

Didn't like fake mediums of Spiritualist church Felt some mediums fake
Particular spirit appears to train her Ramanov
spirits drew energy from Solar plexus
Difficult to control cos you don't select the spirit who calls
spirit told her husband to be healer, Red Indian materilised to train him
given name of doctor, saved her life
spirits become better communicators with practice

becomes very ill, spirits save her life (does psychic energy damage her body ?)
gives up when people say she is a fake, so goes to work as nurse
Badly Injured, spirits nurse her back
goes back to medium work, impressed scientists
Helping Police - 1.a few facts, of murderer, 3. pinpoints stolen rings, 4. In US name of murderer but he has alibi
- Poltegeist Effects 1. saw objects flying around room, 2. saw results, 3. felt coldspots solved by talking to spirits
Husband has lump of cancer - friend helps with remote healing - blue light blue fog, week later cancer has disappeared
Breast Lump - in hospital sees dead husband come to collect his wife. She tells doctor and they watch as she dies unexpectidly, next day she sees spirit of woman so is able to tell doctors she is dead before he realises
Stanstead Hall (spiritual college), Phil Edwardes (businessman), gets Very ill again
Spiritworld. Beautiful, birds, flowers, together with family, halls of music
Meditates 20 minutes each night
In Oz - Kevin Annett, (In trance talks about media scene), Don Lane,success mobbed, clocks go beserk once, 39000 people saw her live sometime knows automatically, sometime spirits tell her sometime she is in a trance and spirits speak through her
Makes it clear she is not a fortune teller

Questions arising - has a lot of illnesses ? does psychic energy damage her body ? Do other cultures have a similar picture of the spirit world ? Don't tribal people often ask the ancestors when they have a problem ?

Betty Shine - Mind to Mind 1989

As child had psychic experiences. Healed by Harry Edwards. Grandmother was a medium. Mother took her to spritualist church.
Saw dead dad and later dead mum
At 46 years old visited the clairvoyant Charles Horney - he said her illness was caused by a build up heaing energy and if she began to practise healing the energy would disperse. Predicted she would become a healer and something about Tom and a white horse.
She was very sceptical, 3 months of psychic phenomenon (winds etc), at the same time started to try healing; very successful
Saw robed person in light vortex
Name of spirit guide was Dr Watson !
William Blake tried to teach her ,but she hated the appearance of the drawings
One Spirit who materialised said he was Louis Pasteur.
saw large eye everywhere for 3 years
100's of patients healing improved

Ether smell in room, temperature dropped (as healing drew heat away), felt spider's web on face
Sometimes became invisible to patients !
When she had flu she left her body, then she saw "uncle" Tom from evacuation time he apologised
Seperated from husband cos he was ill.
Received phone call from dead mum.
needed 85, kept finding 5 notes in books, but later 16 pairs of stockings disappeared

Auras - correspond to accupunture lines. Saw auras like haloes
looks at auras and sees problems with in it, sometimes different colour indicates what the illness is
mentions 7 Chakras
Concentrates on energy field, so colours return to normal (looks for imbalances)
Says some other healers are charlatans
heals animals
some miracle cures not always
claims bath water changed to bright blue
taken over by spirits to perform healing sometimes. Other times invisble spirit helpers do it. Sometimes she sees them
Footballer healed by dead physio
Patients sometimes feel hands inside them
Woman cured before hysterectomy
healing often accompanied by coloured light
thinks she is a channel for energy
(page 83 visited medium Nella Taylor)
One day spirit took her over and used hypnopsis
cured woman of diabetes in less than 3 weeks
Remote viewing and projection
used absent healing alot
Also worked in reverse patients could think of her and tap into the energy
Levitation - not exactly, but when healing was so strong people felt so light.
believes she can't attract bad spirits cos she is so positive.
believes only minds with the same frequency can't communicate; so not every medium can connect with every spirit
Spoke with some murdered children, but the name of the murderer was not mentioned who was either their dead mother or their uncle. They talked about their mother in a nice way. Their uncle is trying to prove he is innocent.
Mentions amateur scupturer is being helped by Rodin - surely a remarkable coincidence ?
Reincarnation (Bertha Harris -Traveler in Eternity) believes after 80 to 100 years dead many people choose to be reborn - possibly on other planets and you get to choose your parents.
Says people people who've been dead a fews years connect with mediums much more often than people long long dead.
Peter and Mary Harrison - Life Before Birth a book in which children tell of their life before birth
believes love at first sight is cos you know the person already from a past life.
Calcium Explosions - says many of her patients problems are due to calcium ball on their joints. Sometimes they hear cracking as these ball explodes during healing.
Says people should stay away from drugs - LSD enlightenments are like mysterious paranormal enlightenments
Warns people against relying on mediums
She says avoid coffee- Nutritional Medicine - Stephen Davies
Mentions diseases coming from space
Strongly believes you must avoid negative thinking
Patrick Moore is also a healer
Talks about exercises - turning watre into wine, dispersing couds (which she believes she is quite good at)

Questions arising - Does she get a lot of her beliefs from reading the same books as other spiritualists
Her Psychic daughter also divorced .. for experts they have a lot of problems

Proof ?

Conclusions- Her claims seems so absolutely fantastic. Maybe so over the top they are not plausible... Maybe... Same as for Doris Stokes, Betty shine does't contradict her.
I dislike her constant emphasis on only thinking positive; as a negative person I know you have to consider both sides.

Betty Shine - My Life As A Medium (autobiography) 1998

She was an opera singer, but then got into healing. She worked as a healer and had her own surgery. Whilst she was treating patients she would get messages from the dead
Believed very much in vitamin therapy - Mayo Clinic NY
often they would materialise to her and her patients. Clearly believes that after death you go into the spirit dimension to join the rest of your family, even miscarried children. The spirits can often see us living people.

She had always been psychic and her grandmother was a medium. She didn't want to become a medium

She developed her skills and spirit surgeons began to help her with her patients. One Spirit who materialised said he was Louis Pasteur. Spirit Surgeons began to offer diagnoses. Spirits helped with hypnotherapy.

Continued to be a Christian, but not in the normal church. Didn't like Spiritualist church

Began Absent Healing - meditates about patients problems. She believes that in her sleep her minds leaves her body during the night. remote healing - blue light blue fog
believes the spirit is attached to the body by an umbilical chord.
Took part in Secret science studies and re-continues
she says she didn't cause magic, but sometimes it happened
Dead children contacted her when parents not there
Set up International Healing Network - so she could heal people without concentrating on each patient.

Quite often helped the police investigations, but stopped as she felt it was clouding her mind from her healing work
Received message that she should concentrate on writing to spread the message about healing
knew another medium Doris Collins

Also mentions remotely healed by Harry Edwards
Meditates 2 hours each day
dreamt of the spirit world -beautiful - animals birds, music rooms

Questions arising - If she is so expert why did she go through 2 failed marriages, have problems with houses and have a lot of illnesses ?

Proof lots of testimonials from people who say she knew things about their dead relatives than was possible for a stranger. Says she has decided to link up with scientists and technicians -what will we see in the future ?

Conclusions- Same as for Doris Stokes, Betty shine does't contradict her

Mind Waves

Continues in the line of her previous books ..documenting her experiences and techniques.. so reinforcing her belifs ...especially strong line on reincarnation (she strongly believes) and if you do something bad it does come back on you

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