Books other people have recommended to me

God I have read hardly any on the books on this, 1. I am not often near a library and it's easier to get distracted I suppose.

Peter Brown Recommends - Andre Vltchek Point of no Return
Herbert Shelton
A good day to die - good book crazy horse
Marshall McLuhan Modern Media - The Extensions of Man
Miss pettigrew lives for a day - good book
The Heart That Bleeds - Alma Guellorproitto

Green and Ecological

Authors Recommended

Beckett	Sam	
Byron	Lord	
Carey	Peter	Bliss
Ceresole	Pierre	For Peace and Truth
Cohello	Paulo	The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage,
Cohello	Paulo	By The River Piedra, The Valkyries
Coopland		Microsurf
Eckmann	kerstin	Blackwater
Fields	Rashed	
Gibran	Kahil - 	The Prophet
harvey	Peter	- 
Hillaby	John	Journey Through Britai
Howard	EJ	- 
Hybrener	R	
Jennings	Paul	oz kids books
Lamb 	David	-The Africans
Leary	Tim	
Lee Hung	-	The New Years Sacrifice
Lewis	Bernard 	
McCarthy	Connick	
Munro	Alice	
O'Rourke	PJ -	Skintight
Prue	Annie 	The Shipping News
Rand	Ayn	The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged

highly rated in America, but maybe cos they have so little literature, I find her unreadable Roth Philip - Port Lewis Complaint Shearer William L - Rise and fall Smiley Jane - One Thousand Acres Stain Syvestor Who Killed Mr Drum (South Africa) Styron William This House On Fire Symonds John - The Life and Magic of AleisterCrowley Walker Morton  Los Viejos of Vilcabamba Watts Allan Wilder Thornton  -Our Town Tristran Shandy Angelas Ashes Diary of a teenage health freak sounds good Miss Arizona The Education of Little Tree The Book of Ruth -brilliant The power of now - eckhart tolle
Highly rated I didn't find it great M R James - gothic tales The Green Stone- graham philips, michael baigent - author ? about a mystical stone from an egyptian Temple, modern psychics are guided to it near Worcester. maybe a book like the Da Vinci code, written before it

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